Any person will agree that babies are the most stunning of creations of Mother Nature. The sight of a smiling infant can banish your fears and tensions.

Strollers are no longer a high-end. It has become even more of a need these days. With the majority of the spare time and also nights invested in shopping centers and also parks, an infant stroller has come to be essential for dealing with babies as well as kids easily. So, after talking with a variety of mommies utilizing various baby strollers as well as examining tons of testimonials, we have created this checklist of ideal strollers in India.

The factors we mainly thought about for forming this listing are ease of usage, comfort, compactness, security, and price. Past that, kids hardly ever rest in a baby stroller.

Difference Between Pram & Stroller

In India, People utilize Stroller & Pram reciprocally there is a slimline distinction between Stroller as well as Pram, Pram is better for a newborn child, which allow the child to take a trip in resting pose. The Baby that can seat is chosen for baby stroller.

Precaution while getting a baby stroller or a Pram:–.

1. Safety Belts.

The first point to take into consideration is the safety and security belt. I’ve seen many individuals ignoring this element; nonetheless, it’s a very vital thing. He/she will always be prone to risk if your youngster hasn’t placed a safety and security belt.

You need to always try to buy a baby stroller that has a 5 belt which is the most effective one for your kid. It constantly maintains your child in position and safeguards him from diminishing the baby stroller. Consequently, it’s still essential to buy a stroller that includes safety and security belts as well.

2. Smooth Wheels.

If the wheels of your baby stroller are harsh or made of low high quality, you can never have a silent and comfortable journey. Constantly examine whether the baby stroller has top notch as well as smooth wheels or not. The factor is they make sure a safe and secure as well as secure journey and deals with every unsmooth road in India. That’s why to consider this essential suggestion in mind prior to opting for a very first baby infant stroller online in 2020.

3. Reversible Handlebar.

In some cases when the moms and dads are walking from the backside, the infant doesn’t feel comfortable. If your baby likewise begins sobbing or doesn’t feel comfy, you must choose for manages with reversible handlebars.

The reversible handlebar likewise allows the parents to utilize the baby stroller rapidly as well as securely. Try to buy a stroller that provides the relatively easy to fix handlebar facility.

4. Easy To Access.

For a better experience and working, the best strollers must be simple to access to use. It suggests you must have the ability to utilize it despite having your solitary hands. This function is a fantastic plus for people that take a trip a great deal as well as need to put in and out of their baby strollers frequently. Thus, purchase a stroller that raises comfort as well as comfort instead of bringing issues.

5. Easily Foldable.

In this modern-day age of baby infant strollers, I assume no person will certainly like to get an infant pram online that is tough to fold. Therefore, a very easy to fold up stroller not only enhances the ease but likewise makes sure a soothing and also comfy journey. You’ll feel a whole lot practical by using a stroller that is simple to fold up.

6. Light-weight.

Maintaining weight in mind is a substantial aspect. In some cases, even a high-grade infant stroller is useless for us even if it’s no lightweight. You need to buy something compact and light-weight if you have to bring your infant stroller all over all the time.

For residence functions, also a baby stroller with more weight works fine. Always choose an infant stroller that is simple for you to choose and lug.

7. Brakes.

Having a child stroller with effective brakes is yet one more vital aspect to consider. When you are riding via harsh and also inclined surface areas, it adds to the comfort as well as protection of your kid and plays its function. Never forget to inspect the brakes before acquiring your very first infant stroller as it may considerably impact the safety and security of your child.

I wish you’ve got a clear understanding of each suggestion and also factor you’ll need to take into consideration while choosing your first stroller. Besides, if you still have questions in your mind, no fears, we’re here to assist you because of regard as well.

After speaking with a number of mothers making use of different baby strollers and analyzing tons of testimonials, we have formed this listing of ideal baby strollers in India.

In India, People use Stroller & Pram interchangeably there is a thin line distinction in between Stroller and also Pram, Pram is more effective for newborn child, which permit the baby to take a trip in resting stance. That’s why to consider this crucial idea in mind prior to deciding for an initial infant stroller online in 2020.

In this contemporary age of baby strollers, I assume no one will such as to acquire a child stroller online that is difficult to fold up. Having a child stroller with effective brakes is yet another important factor to take into consideration.

Top Strollers & Pram are as follows: –

1. R for Rabbit Pocket Stroller Lite – Best for Travel (Most Portable)

R for Rabbit Pocket Stroller

R for Rabbit Pocket Stroller Lite – Portable Baby Stroller and Pram for Baby and Kids on amazon India

Looking for one of the best baby strollers for travel in India? Hence, you’re reading about the right one for you. R for Rabbit Pocket Stroller Lite is a trendy brand among people nowadays. Furthermore, due to its high-quality material and easy to fold mechanism, you’ll find it with everyone who’s preferring comfort and convenience, you too? Let’s have a look then!

  1. According To The European Standards

    First of all, it ensures to make your each and every single minute on the stroller protected and safe. Thanks to its European common certification, it assures that whether it is security or design, whatever turns out best for you.

  2. Nice and basic Design

    It’s so basic in design, and that’s why kids enjoy it. The manage is yet one more thing to like; it feels like we’re holding a laptop bag. Truly? Yes, it is. The design is small and also makes certain it transforms out to be easy and also mobile to bring.

  3. Easy To Carry & Foldable Baby Stroller

    Even if you’re believing to carry it with you in a flight, cars, and truck, or train, you’ll constantly discover it portable and also compact. I believe it’s a fashionable and also stylish infant stroller brand name to purchase. The material made use of in the construction is extremely lightweight as well as evaluates only 6.6 kgs.

  4. Smooth Wheels

    Last but not least, if we talk about the wheels, they are impressive and also carry out well. These suspension wheels are specifically developed for the roads of India, therefore, confirming it the best infant pram online. Basically, nothing else stroller in India can defeat R for Rabbit Pocket when it concerns quality and efficiency.

Pros 🙂

  1. The high-quality material used;

  2. Simple and stylish design;

  3. Only 6.6 kgs in weight;

  4. East to carry on train and flights;

  5. It offers European standards safety and security.

Cons 🙁

  1. The handle isn’t a good one.

How To Assemble Stroller or Pram?

Have a look to this Video!!

Play Video

We Thanks R for Rabbit For this Video!! 

2. LuvLap Galaxy Stroller/Pram (Premium Stroller)

Best stroller to buy

Are you not satisfied with the above baby stroller? Don’t fret; It is also the best infant strollers with the extra-large room. Nonetheless, you may be believing why I’m stating all these things, simply review its fantastic features below and also see the magic yourself. Right here we have Luvlap galaxy infant stroller evaluation:

  1. Hassle-free Handlebar and also Comfortable Seats
    The really first thing to admire in this stunning stroller is probably its handlebar. Why? Why is the handlebar appropriate? The factor is fairly apparent, it’s relatively easy to fix (oh, really!) Yes, you heard it. Wait? Exactly how can it aid me? It implies it allows your child to keep considering you also when you’re strolling. Wow, sound great man!
    The seats are yet an additional thing to admire; they’re soft, trendy, comfortable, and most significantly are extra roomy. The seats allow you to set your seats at 3 different sets. Consequently, it helps your baby really feel a whole lot extra comfortable, whether it’s a resting placement or resting placement.

  2. Ideal Safety Harness And Sturdy Brakes
    Nonetheless, the tale doesn’t finish below; it features the European Standard EN 1888 qualification, meaning 5 point harness. Because of this, it keeps your child protect at all times. To improve the safety, it includes 4 × 7 back wheels along with the brakes. I told you, it’s the best infant stroller online 2020 for the ideal factor.

  3. Easy to Install as well as Revolving Wheels
    In addition to the above functions, I found this baby stroller incredibly simple to mount. This is the factor why people are so drawn into this wonderful item of building. Besides, the 360 ° Front Wheel rotation, they additionally feature the best suspension, which proves them constantly very easy to rotate as well as fix.

  4. You are considering the pros and cons! Okay, allow’s have a look!
    Don’t fret; It is likewise the best baby infant strollers with extra-large space. Right here we have Luvlap galaxy infant stroller review:

The extremely first thing to admire in this lovely stroller is possibly its handlebar. I informed you, it’s the finest child stroller on the internet 2020 for the appropriate reason.

In addition to the above features, I discovered this infant stroller incredibly easy to set up.

Pros 🙂

  • Great safety;
  • Seat recline with three positions;
  • Large seat;
  • Also comes with a large shopping basket;
  • 360° Front Wheel rotation.


Cons 🙁

  • Assembling instructions are not giving properly.

3. Little Pumpkin Baby Stroller / Pram (Cheap Baby Stroller)

Pumpin Baby Stroller / Pram 

Little Pumpkin Baby Stroller


Exactly how around having a stroller that will certainly be light as well as paired with smooth and effective wheels, you ought to examine Little Pumpkin as an alternative for the best cheap child infant stroller in India. Allow’s read something much more concerning this simple and lightweight to fold the baby stroller.

Functions: –

  1. Budget-friendly And Easy To Install.
    Firstly, I don’t believe so you’ll ever locate such an excellent infant stroller in this cost, it’s one of the very best baby strollers in India when it involves discovering a light-weight and in-expensive infant stroller online. It means very easy to install than numerous of the infant strollers readily available around. These features provide Little Pumpkin a significant side over various other items.

  2. Seat Recline And More.
    You’ll be stunned to hear that the seat permits recline to a level of 180 degrees, which will allow you to set the seat according to your own option. I’m sure you’ll discover this stroller terrific assistance.

  3. Nice and comfortable Design.
    People that’re using this baby stroller constantly locate it an excellent and also elegant product. People that use it will inform you that it’s quite much light-weight and also consumes much less space.

  4. Is it worth the cash?
    Because we are incapable to locate the 5-point or even 3-point safety and security harness system. They have not stated the level of safety and security in the item summary at the time of creating this short article.

  5. Should I get this?
    Only you can consider this if your spending plan is very limited. I will certainly recommend you invest even more bucks on great high quality with safety feature baby stroller. That is the significant point which it does not have.

I do not believe so you’ll ever find such a terrific infant stroller in this price, it’s one of the ideal infant strollers in India when it comes to discovering an in-expensive as well as lightweight infant stroller online. It means easy to install than several of the baby strollers readily available around. I’m certain you’ll locate this baby stroller a great aid.

Individuals that are utilizing this baby stroller always discover it an exceptional and also trendy item. I will certainly suggest you invest more bucks on excellent high quality with safety and security attribute baby stroller.


Pros 🙂


  1. Affordable and lightweight;
  2. Comfortable and nice seats;
  3. Easy to install and assemble.


Cons 🙁


  1. The inside bed isn’t a removable one;
  2. Quality is not up to the mark;
  3. Thin plastic at foot area;
  4. Cushions are not soft to hold.

4. R for Rabbit Lollipop Lite Colorful Baby Stroller (Extra Safety)

Lollipop LIte Baby Stroller 

R for Rabbit Lollipop Lite Colorful Baby Stroller

If you are looking for something various as well as want to examine out a brand-new child stroller for traveling, Here comes the second one in our list called R for Rabbit Chocolate. When it comes to purchasing a child infant stroller with one of the best wheels, I believe nothing can beat this one.

Functions: –

  1. Tires And Suspension
    To begin with, the initial thing worth taking into consideration in this superb child pram online is its wheels. Moreover, these wheels are particularly developed to provide an extraordinary level of suspension. Thus using you all the comfort and leisure your child needs. In addition, these 6-inch front wheels also think of superb brakes, making sure a safe and also safe and secure trip also over bumpy roads.

  2. A Wonderful Reversible Handle
    The above functions, you’ll likewise cherish the reversible manage. The reason is the handle features the most convenient and risk-free layout, hence showing your stroller the ideal infant stroller online in 2020. All you need to do is to press the pull button; it folds like a magician executing the methods. Appears terrific, best?

  3. Connect Brakes And Easy To Assemble
    Past a gentle reversible hand, link brakes are something to love as well. The factor is that these brakes make it so simple for you to quit and also lock the stroller just with a click of your feet. R for Rabbit Chocolate is simple to construct, and that’s why it’s is on the same level one of the finest baby strollers for traveling.

  4. Optimum Weight
    The item can take weight up to 20 Kgs.

  5. Refund/ Return Policy
    The Refund and Return policy are offered, however, based on a shopping site. Simple return or substitute.

  6. Measurements
    74.4 x 48 x 25.4 cm
  7. Is it worth the cash?
    Yes, it is worth the money. It’s weight is a little high. The style of this is genuinely amazing. It provides the sensation of a true modern-day sturdy look.

Reward Tip: Most of the time, it remains unavailable as a result of the minimal stocks. Go for it sensibly.

Time to check the pros and also disadvantages!

If you are looking for something different as well as want to examine out a brand-new baby infant stroller for travel, Here comes the 2nd one in our listing called R for Rabbit Chocolate. When it comes to acquiring an infant stroller with one of the finest wheels, I believe absolutely nothing can defeat this one. The factor is the deal with attributes the most convenient as well as secure design, therefore proving your stroller the ideal child infant stroller online in 2020. The factor is that these brakes make it so very easy for you to quit as well as lock the infant stroller simply with a click of your feet. R for Rabbit Chocolate is simple to set up, and also that’s why it’s is on par one of the best baby strollers for traveling.

Pros 🙂


  1. Link brakes for better control;
  2. Easy to assemble;
  3. Smooth in operation;
  4. Excellent material quality;
  5. It looks very premium.


Cons 🙁


  1. No mosquito net.

5. Luvlap Sunshine Baby Stroller | Best Pram for Babies in India | (with Mosquito Net in Build)

  Sunshine Baby Stroller

Luvlap Sunshine Baby Stroller – best prams for babies in India 2020

Here comes our first one, LuvLap Baby Stroller Sunshine. It would be cruel if someone makes a list of best baby stroller brands in India and doesn’t put LuvLap in the list. Therefore, we have come up with the exquisite stroller for you folks! So, if you’re looking for something easy to use, carry and fold, I think you should give Luvlap Baby Stroller with mosquito net a try. Hence, we have Luvlap Sunshine baby stroller review:



  • Three Seat Position And Reversible Handlebar

To begin with, the first and foremost thing is its reversible handlebar. As I told earlier, it’s something we all need as a parent. Furthermore, the 3 seat position recline allows your baby to sit comfortably both in sitting and sleeping positions. Moreover, the 3 point safety harness also ensures a safe and secure journey.


  • Durable Mosquito Net

Unlike the above one, it comes with a mosquito net as well. As a result, this net never allows any mosquito or insect inside by becoming a shield no has ever seen. Moreover, People who’re thinking about the baby stroller with mosquito net price will be glad to know that it falls at an affordable price.


  • Foot Rest And Locking Window

Similarly, it also comes with an adjustable foot as well. It helps a lot and allows your kid to comfortably rest his feet both in the sleeping and sitting positions. Besides, you’ll also find a Lockdown Window in the canopy; it helps in keeping an eye on your child while strolling.


  • Rear Wheel Brakes

Brakes play a vital role in the security and comfort of your child, and that’s why LuvLap comes with the rear wheel brakes, which ensures you have a complete authority whether you want to stay static or wish to keep moving.


Is it worth the money?

Absolutely Yes! At this price point with all the features and most importantly the 5 point safety harness system is not ignorable. Therefore, this would be the best choice for all the parents who are looking for a stroller and their budget is low.

Maximum Weight

The product can take load up to 15 Kgs.

Refund / Return Policy

The Refund and Return policy is available, but subject to an e-commerce website. Hence easy return or replacement.


74.6 x 51.2 x 20.2 cm


Should I buy this?

There is an alternative to LuvLap Sunshine that is R for Rabbit Lite (at #2). Although R for Rabbit is little on the higher price and weight is also 900gm more. But that has a unique modern minimalistic design. So if the design is the priority, consider the next one. Otherwise, this is the best choice. Read the full review of LuvLap Sunshine Stroller.


Pros 🙂


  1. Reversible handlebar
  2. A 3 position seat recline;
  3. Can carry weight from 10 to 12 kg;
  4. Footrest for high adjustment;
  5. Large Basket for carrying things.


Cons 🙁


  1. Seats require some more cushioning.

6. R for Rabbit Rock N Roll – The Rocking Baby Stroller and Pram for Baby/Kids with Easy Compact Folding.

Rocking Baby Stroller and Pram

Certified for safety: Rock & Roll is Safety Certified to give your little one a Safe and Comfortable ride. Strollers are crash tested, tested for mechanical strength and quality of colour & parts used.

One Hand Fold : Rock & Roll’s one-hand fold smart mechanism makes your usability very easy and smooth.

Stroller turned Rocker : Rock N Roll as name describes can be converted to Rocker or Rocking Stroller which make parents easier to make their little one sleep while travel.

Light-weight and Compact Fold : Meticulously designed with mothers in mind to make it light weight for making the outdoor baby ride more enjoyable and hassle free. With its 3 fold mechanism it gets so compact to store even in smallest

Multi-position Recline: Easy one step mechanism to switch it to multi recline positions and make Rock & Roll a comfy ride for your baby

Maximum Weight: – The product can take load up to 20 Kgs.

Refund / Return Policy: – The Refund and Return policy is available, but subject to e-commerce website. Hence easy return or replacement.

Dimensions: –  69.6 x 45.4 x 21 cm


Pros 🙂

  1. Benefits of Pram as well as Stroller;
  2. Unique feature of Rocking;
  3. Easy Fold and Unfold;
  4. Front Suspension (Unique);
  5. Rear Wheels Lock;
  6. Sun Protection Canopy;
  7. Basket for storage.


Cons 🙁

  1. Cannot be used for cabin luggage in flights.

7. R for Rabbit Ginny and Johnny – The Twin Stroller and Pram

Ginny and Johnny Twin Stroller and Pram


Safety 1st – Jinny & Johnny a stroller loaded with safety features to give keep the child ride safest one.

Umbrella Fold – Easy to fold which makes the stroller very compact to hold while you are outdoors and store indoor.

Front Wheels and Suspension – The Best suspension designed to give the smoothest ride to you Baby while strolling. Quality suspension especially designed for tough roads of India. 6-inch front wheels to swivel or to lock for long strolling.

5 Point Harness – 5-point Safety Harness to hold your baby in a most safe position while strolling

4 Position Recline – Simple mechanism to make seat recline to 4 positions and give your baby the most comfortable ride.

Maximum Weight: – The product can take load up to 40 Kgs.

Refund / Return Policy: – The Refund and Return policy is available, but subject to an e-commerce website. Hence easy return or replacement.

Dimensions: –  108.4 x 37.2 x 22.4 cm


Pros 🙂

  1. Sun Protection Canopy;
  2. Benefits of Pram as well of Stroller;
  3. Leg Rest for Kids;
  4. Rear Wheel Lock;
  5. Huge storage basket;
  6. Compact and foldable with easy storage.


Cons 🙁

  1. At times folding is an issue.

8. Mee Mee Baby Pram with Adjustable Seating Positions and Reversible Handle

Twin Baby Pram


3 different seat positions – sleeping, reclining and seating – for your growing baby’s needs.

Reversible soft foam handle for front and rear-facing for the times when your baby needs your presence.

360° rotational front wheels and rear wheels with brakes

Full canopy cover to ensure your baby is protected in all weather conditions. Hood with window for you to see your baby at all times.

Equipped with spacious basket at the bottom to help carry your baby’s essentials on-the-go like Mee Mee Diaper Bag.

Adjustable 3-point safety belt. Double cushion washable cover. Detachable feeding tray.

Quick one-hand fold. Easy and compact for carrying, travel or storing.

Maximum Weight: – The product can take load up to 8.50 Kgs.

Refund / Return Policy: – The Refund and Return policy is available, but subject to an e-commerce website. Hence easy return or replacement.

Dimensions: –  20 x 15 x 30 cm

Pros 🙂

  1. Two Kids at the same time can ride;
  2. Benefits of Pram as well as Stroller;
  3. Good Colour combination;
  4. Multiple Adjustable Positions.

Cons 🙁

  1. Material is good but not that much strong;
  2. Cheap Product.

Indian Review 

All the above-mentioned models are suggested after working under importer, for 2 years and more, There are many models present in the market, and many more will come, But as per my best knowledge, above mentioned products are good and with less complain, more durable and most in demand.

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