Best Ceiling Fans to Buy in 2021


Now we are going to discuss about the Ceiling fans. As the summer is arriving so be ready for summer this year. From the relevant source it is being confirm that glacial has melted in a very high amount, due to increasing global warming, so this year we can expect a high temperature on the meter. So Be Ready for Hot Summer this year with cool ceiling fans.

Table of Contents

1. Fanzart Victoria – 1520mm Decorative Premium Vintage Ceiling Fan with LED and Pull Chain, Powerful Motor, UV Coated Special Wooden Blades (Red Brass) – The Limited Edition & Truly Royal Fan

Fanzart Victoria Red Brass


  • Pull Chain System: – The Classical models from Fanzart come with a pull chain for that vintage look. While it is functional, it may be bypassed and integrated with switch & regulator or even a remote for convenience.

  • Summer-Winter Feature: – Normally, Fans rotate the wings in Anti-Clockwise, which is effective in Summer where warm air will be stuck in the upper part and cool air from the surrounding will be thrown in the living area.

  • Whereas, In Winter this system, causes you to freeze to death, So for that Winter Feature is introduced, where blades of the fan will rotate in a clockwise direction, which will now throw the warn air in the living area.

  • This was so complicated and so unique features of the fan.

  • UV Coated Wooden Blades: – Fanzart Fans have UV coated wooden blades, while their hand-polished natural shades render a burnished touch to the dome. which, when combined with a unique blade angle, allow the fans to offer maximum air delivery at low RPMs. Can a fan get any prettier?

  • Whisper Quiet Technology: – Fanzart’s biggest USP is the Whisper Quiet nature of their fans. You may visit a Fanzart showroom, turn on ALL the fans and hear a pin drop. Fanzart fans are lesser than 38dB.

  • Zero Maintenance: – Fanzart fans are maintenance-free. These fans may be wiped up with a dry cloth in a month and a wet cloth once in 3 months. It’s as simple.

  • Power Saving: – Now this Cherry on the Cake, the royal fan absorbs lesser power than the conventional ceiling fans. It’s time to be smart and go green!

2. Crompton Uranus 48-inch Ceiling Fan With Decorative Lights (Ivory) – The Classic Fan

Crompton Uranus


  • Magnificent Carvings: – Intricately carved fused with metallic tinge perfectly blends the old-world charm and contemporary designs.

  • Decorative Lampshades: – Enhance the beauty of your space with royal lighting.

  • Convenient Speed and Light control: – Pull the respective cord attached to the fan to control the speed and light as per your convenience.

  • Superior gold finish: – Superior gold finish with exquisite motifs on blades.

  • Pull Cord: – Convenient pull cord for speed and light control.

3. Crompton Jupiter 48-inch Decorative Ceiling Fan (Brass)- The Authentic Fan

Crompton Jupiter


  • 5 Blades: – The Authentic Fan comes with 5 Blades, i.e. fast and efficient air circulation.

  • Pull Chords: – This can increase or decrease the speed of the fan by pulling chords. It acts as a regulator of the fan.

  • Beautifying Lamps: – There are 4 beautiful lamps that create mood in the night. It changes the ambiance of the room.

  • Authentic Design and Colour: – The Fan comes with Authentic Design on the machine and blades are also covered with design and colour.

4. Orient Electric Spectra Under-Light 1200 mm Ceiling Fan with Remote (Pewter Finish) – The Mood Lights

Orient Electric Spectra Under


  • Copper Motor for Longer Life: – 320 RPM copper motor that adds to your fan’s durability and treats you with ultimate comfort.

  • Wireless Remote for Easy Operations: – Enjoy the convenience of a remote that comes with a timer feature and 5-speed control to customize your fan speed while seated on your bed or sofa.

  • Multi-light LED display / Mood Lights: – Illuminate your room according to your mood with 5 LED light display allowing multiple colour and intensity adjustments.

  • Premium finish: – Gift your room that stylish look and feel with electroplated blades that are durable as well as elegant.

5. Havells Stealth 1250mm Ceiling Fan (Indigo Blue) – The Designer Fan

Havells Stealth


  • Three aerodynamic blades: – This fan is fitted with three aerodynamic blades with superior air delivery. The unique aerodynamic design of the blades also enables the silent operation to make it a relaxing experience for you.

  • Dust and Mark resistant Coating: – With dust and mark resistant coating, this fan requires minimum maintenance and is apt for regular usage. This feature also makes the fan a more hygienic choice, as ceilings fans are prone to collecting allergy-causing dirt and dust.

  • Twin canopies: – This fan comes with twin canopies that will help you to conceal the messy electrical wirings. The upper canopy also makes it easier for you to firmly mount the fan on the ceiling.

  • Powerful Motor for High-Speed Performance: – This fan comes with a strong 18 pole high torque motor that ensures increased airflow which aids in cooling. The advanced motor of this fan also offers to cool your room faster and in a more efficient manner.

  • Impressive air delivery: – Thanks to the blade design of this fan and the capability of the motor, it excels at delivering fresh air. This fan’s sweep area ensures that cool air is delivered to every corner of the room for your recreation. The air delivery of the fan is 280 m³/min.

  • Complements modern interiors: – The futuristic and captivating design of this fan will complement any modern interior. The elegant finish of the paint renders it perfect for any room in your home or office.

6. Luminous New York Brooklyn 1200mm Ceiling Fan (Ale Brown) – The Cosmopolitan Look

Luminous New York Brooklyn


  • Cosmopolitan Look: – The mirror finish gives the fab look, It’s sleek and stable contrast based like downtown Brooklyn, New York

  • Copper Motor: – 99% pure copper fitted motor. Super Insulated copper motor wiring ensures a longer life. This increases the durability of the product.

  • High Speed and Low Noise: – The fan comes with 12 pole motor which is comparatively high with low noise and it gives air delivery 230 CCM.

  • Budgeted: – The products come within the budget. It’s aggressively prices looks plus quality with the brand name.

7. Havells Leganza 1200mm Ceiling Fan (Bronze and Gold) – Innovative 4 blades

Havells Leganza


  • Ideal for Home and Office Space: – This ceiling fan features a very versatile design. It will blend in and go with all kinds of spaces. It can be installed in homes, offices or various other kinds of places. The design of the fan is very organic, and along with the colour scheme it lends itself to any kind of interior without looking like an eyesore as ceiling fans usually are.

  • Exceptional Air Delivery: – The essential job of any kind of fan is to deliver air. This ceiling fan by Havells excels at that job with a cmm of 230. The HPLV motor also works at low voltage and added to that it has a big sweep area. That ensures that it delivers air to every corner of the room very evenly. The sweep size of the fan is 1200 mm. Therefore, you’ll be able to cool down as long as you are in the room and there is electricity. With this sweep size, this fan is ideal for installation in any room with an area of 65 square feet to 100 square feet.

  • Ingenuous Blade Design: – The design of the blades is very innovative. The shape of the blades are unique and are aerodynamically designed. Each of them has the size of 1200 mm or 48 inches. This shape and design reduce the amount of buffeting usually caused by fans with blades. This reduced buffeting, in turn, increases the comfort you derive by sitting beneath the fan. The fan’s design also ensures the even distribution of the air throughout the room.

  • Rotational Speed of 350 RPM: – This 4 blade ceiling fan from Havells has the fan speed of 350 RPM. Even though the fan is simple to look at, this feature makes it excel at the one job it has. Enjoy the smooth airflow and even air circulation provided by this decorative ceiling fan from Havells.

  • Exotic Blade Trims: – The fan features eye-catching trims on its body and the blades. The trims adorn the fan in a very aesthetic manner and make it look even more stylish and suave. This will enhance the beauty quotient of the fan not only when it’s stationary but also when it’s rotating. The trims elevate this fan from simply being a ceiling fan and make it a decorative element.

  • Dual Tone Colour Scheme: – The entire body of the ceiling fan sports a dual tone colour scheme. This contrasting paint job will enhance the decor of the room and make it aesthetically more pleasing. It will make a great addition to any room and will ultimately lend elegance to wherever it’s installed. The ceiling fan is available in unique colour combinations like pearl white-silver and bronze-gold.