Story@Home 120 TC Cotton Geometric Style Triangle Pattern 1 Piece Double Bed Size Bedsheets with 2 Complementary Pillow Covers, Yellow, Blue and White कपास डबल बेडशीट, ₹ 899.00, ₹ 899.00 – ₹ 449.00

Price: ₹ 899.00 - ₹ 449.00
(as of Oct 18,2020 13:14:10 UTC – Details)

Product Details:Material: 100% Cotton,Fabric Count: 20’s X 20’s,1 PC Bed Sheet,2 PC Standard Sized Pillowcases,Bed Sheet Size: 225 cm X 235 cm | 88 inch X 93 inch | 7.3 ft X 7.7 ft,Pillow Size: (46 cm X 69 cm + 3 cm frill) | (18 inch X 27 inch + 1.20 inch frill)How to Choose Your Bed Sheet:Bedsheet are generally made of different material and comes in varies sizes.Learn the Lingo:Usually Long fiber cottons are stronger and less likely to pill. Usually cotton/Polyester blends don’t wrinkle as much as 100 percent cotton sheets, but they aren’t as soft and you feel warmer while sleeping. So try to choose 100% cotton sheet as this are best recommended for Indian Weathers.Choose Crisp or Soft:Feeling new sheets in the store won’t help you figure out how the sheets will feel once they’re washed. That’s because sheets are usually treated with fabric enhancers and softeners to improve hand feel. Weave also affects how the sheets feel. while sateen has a softer feel and a glossier look. Twill weaves create a heavier fabric that can feel soft or crisp.Get the Right Fit:Measure your mattress’ height, length and width correct. Buy sheets that are a couple of inches deeper to allow for normal shrinkage.Get the Right TC:For cotton sheets, fabric is measure on basis of thread count. Higher the thread count better will be the quality.Dry in Shade and upside down:Cotton fabric fades in Sunlight. So always dry it in shade and upside down. Remember Sunlight is natural bleaching agent.

Material: Cotton, Thread Count: 120
Bed Sheet Size: (225 cm X 235 cm)or(88 inch X 93 inch), Pillow Cover Size: (46 cm X 69 cm + 4 cm)or(18 inch X 27 inch + 2 inch)
Skin friendly cotton material with vibrant colours
Package contents: 1 Double bedsheet with 2 pillow covers

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